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No Game No Life Season 2 Renewal Updates!

no game no life season 2 renewal photo

As┬ámany of you don’t know the hit anime no game no life from the anime adaptation of manga begins its new life this year 2017. Let’s recap a little bit the ngnl season 1 ends in a very anti-climatic way it was so good that make the fans begging for more and at the same time annoyed other fans because there’s no definite release date for season 2 back then. Anime supporters back in 2014 left with no clue, there are no updates about ngnl season 2 some of the fans even spam the Facebook profile and Twitter of Yu Kamiya just to get a confirmation, but things get a little bit active after a year.

picture of meme so you are telling me there is a chance

Many articles in 2015 and 2016 about the possible confirmation of the no game no life season 2 the fans manage to maintain the hype of this beautiful anime fans are sharing every news they can get about season 2 that eventually become a way to knocks on the anime’s producers door.

picture of shiro from no game no life

No game no life season 2 made it already to the top of the best anime worldwide without even releasing it yet. Of course, some fans are not happy about this news some of them are saying that “why it took the anime series almost three years to be renewed? It must be worth it”. They waited three years for this anime to come up. It leaves a pressure to the producers that to maintain the fans expectation of the upcoming anime series no game no life season 2.

For most fans that don’t know, no game no life anime series began in the year of 2014 that’s why many fans of this anime are getting crazy for this announcement they waited long enough for this excellent anime to come to its new chapter and they want to be part of this revolution.

On the bright side, we are expecting a lot of news and updates about no game no life season 2 from other websites, since it already renewed, we are hoping that the ngnl season 2 will be released this year 2017.

picture of meme and now we wait

While we are waiting here’s some awesome video!

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